"I reached the age of 49 with nothing to show, hugely talented, but somehow always losing my way, I became disheartened and suffered panic attacks and fainting spells due to a severe lack of energy, when a stranger recommended I see Rita. Not only did her energy work release my blockages, her karmic release guidance also sorted out my physical symptoms and prompted me to also face my lack of self worth and correct the pattern. I now feel that I am part of an immensely loving universe and not fearful all the time. I literally see how the changes in my energy, now aid healthier perceptions and manifest friendlier circumstances and can sincerely recommend Rita as a gifted and immensely experienced teacher and healer." - Mullerie 

"My journey with Rita started one year and a half ago; before then I was not aware of the concept and the importance of the Haraline. I was referred to Rita by a very good friend of mine because I felt sad, stuck and deeply unhappy. After the first few sessions with Rita, my life started changing radically: I moved from being a victim to become a co-creator of my reality. The warmth, sensitivitiy, great experience and the amazing Heart of Rita contributed to my healing. Rita not only helped me but she also assisted in the recovery of my Dad at distance, in another continent. I recommend Rita to everyone who aspires to live in the flow, feel wholeness in their heart and finally meet true and long-lasting happiness." - Nicoletta 

"I really felt great after our session on Friday!" - Clive  

"Thank you so much for all the work we are doing together, donít have the words to say how much its all helping." - Alon  

"Thanks so much for yesterdayís session. I received so much from you and through you.  Thanks too for all your powerful and insightful blog posts and pics, I really enjoy, appreciate them and share them often." - Debbie  

"Thank-you for last nightís session. I have my appetite back and Iím feeling so much better today." - Jenna  

"Being in Hara, connected to Source through the Unity grid and grounded into the centre of the earth keeps my entire being in balance and open to set intentions that allow me attract what I need easily and effortlessly and to be in the right place to give what I'm supposed to. My intuition works being in Hara and I find it easier to keep the ego in check too." - Kim



Rita Marr is a blogger and Author of health and wellness articles and books