• Are  you fulfilled in life?
  • Are you attracting the abundance you deserve?
  • Do you feel you know why you are here?
  • Are  you happy with your level of emotional, mental, physical  and spiritual health?

A Hara Alignment, sometimes termed activation or initiation, works both on the physical body to help bring into alignment anything that is out of place in your frame construction, and also, more importantly, re-connects you with your Divine essence at a Soul level enabling you to fully prepare for ascension. Interested? Please read on...

Strong Haric Alignment and connection causes

health, harmony, success & abundance

Personal story...

"The 7 Keys Training from Rita Marr and the meditations that she provided, were absolutely paramount for me! It not only allowed me to see/feel what true healing from its absolute source, feels like...but it also allowed me to grow even closer to my goal on this spiritual path towards healing and awakening! Rita is incredible and this is such powerful teaching that needs to be heard by all!" Tara, Washington State.

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